• Leanda Hickman

A Guide to Fake Tanning

There is now a huge choice of tanning products on the market today and it can be very confusing to know which once is a good one to use. And then we start to think are the good when applied and how we go about applying to get the flawless natural look of a 'fake' tan. Take a look at the tips below to give you an idea.

To achieve that flawless sun-kissed look preparation of your skin is paramount along with how you keep looking your skin after the products are applied. Sienna X head office have put together a 3 step guide to show you how to achieve that amazing flawless tan.

How Does Fake Tanning Work?

The science below the glow is very simple and the reaction of you skin is similar to that of biting and apple and leave it to be exposed to air and you will gradually start to see the apple go brown. This is how sunless spray tanning works too.

Steps to fake tanning

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