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Preparing for your Spray Tan

For a the perfect spray tan you will need to prepare your skin. If you are someone that doesn't really look after your skin you will need to do the below and continue to do this if you want your skin to be in tip top condition.

Preparing your skin starts as soon as you book your spray tan, whether this be weeks before your appointment or days.

1. You will need to be moisturising your skin regular if you are not already doing this - treat your skin with kindness, it is your biggest organ of your body. Try to make this part of your beauty regime and your skin will thank you for it.

2. Exfoliate your skin every couple of days or if you have a short time gap to your appointment exfoliate when you can. This removes any dead skin cells and will make your spray tan last longer.

3. If you wax and need to have this done before your spray tan, try to arrange your appointment at least 48 hours before. This will give time for the pores on your skin to close and for any skin redness to go down.

4. If you shave do this at least 24 hours before your appointment as this will also give you time for your skin to relax - again continue to moisturise aswell.

5. The night before the tan moisturise your skin as much as you can.

4. On the day of the tan there needs to be a number of things you will need to do and remember to do.

- your skin will need to be free of body cream (that you have applied the night before), makeup, perfume and deodorant.

- remove all jewelry.

- Have a set of loose dark clothing available to put on as soon as you have had your tan. Looser the better and there are to be no tight cuffs to the clothing. I would also recommend no strap tops that can leave marks on the skin.

5. It is important to remember that on the day of spray tanning you remove any products from your skin - so if you do shower before hand remember to thoroughly remove perfume etc. Soaps and cream and perfume can act as a barrier to a spray tan and it will effect the end result.

A spray tanning technician can not be held responsible for the way your have prepared your skin for your tan. If products are present on the skin your tan will not develop properly. Please do not use products with a high content of oil as you will need to scrub your skin before your tan to remove traces.

All items like disposable underwear, hairnets and barrier creams will be supplied with your tan, but you can also wear your own underwear.

Looking after your Spray Tan

Your spray tan will look after you if you look after the spray tan. Spray tans need to be treated kindly, from using non oily products that can be in shower/bath products. Do not take long hot baths, cool showers are recommended and gentle soaps for your skin whilst you are washing.

Dab your skin dry when stepping out of the shower instead of rubbing the towel against your skin.

And the best tip of all is keep moisturising to keep your beautiful glow.

When spraying perfume remember to spray where your tan isn't so either spray onto your clothes or onto your hair. Perfume can break down the tan and will leave ugly marks on your chest and neck

Any queries before your spray tan always speak to your technician who will guide you through preparing your skin.

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