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The Man Tan

Sienna X conducted a survey which revealed that 70% of women think men should use a fake tanning product.....so lets say "hello" to man tanning!

No longer just for the ladies, an increasing amount of men are now realising that fake tan can give them a healthy look and loads of extra confidence. Tanned skin makes your complexion look brighter, brings out your features and also defines muscles – leaving you look and feeling fitter than ever before. On top of this, and most importantly, a ‘man tan’ doesn’t expose your skin to sun damage in the way that sun tanning or sun beds do, meaning you can avoid the risk factors of skin cancer and premature ageing.

Ready to jump on board the male spray tanning bandwagon? Follow our tips below to achieve the best fake tan for men possible…

  1. Once you’ve booked in for a professional spray tan, you’ll want to prep your skin beforehand. Men should shave their face 24 hours before their appointment, as shaving after your tanning treatment will act as an exfoliation and remove the colour.

  2. 24 hours before the treatment is also the perfect time to scrub your body with an exfoliator. This will reveal fresh, new skin ready for your man tan. We recommend our Sienna X Polishing Body Scrub (borrow your girlfriend’s if you have to!)

  3. Apply a moisturiser the day before your appointment, particularly focusing on the face and hands as these can be prone to dry skin. It’s important to make sure you’ve rinsed away all traces of moisturiser and deodorant prior to your tanning appointment so that your skin offers a clean base for application.

  4. During the treatment, your therapist will advise you of which shade will suit you best. The most popular spray tan for men is often a lighter one, as it looks more subtle – but it will all depend on your natural skin tone and how well you tan in the sun naturally.

  5. After your appointment, make sure you wear loose, dark clothing so as not to rub the tan off. You should wait at least 8 hours before showering off your guide colour, and then avoid chlorinated swimming pools and gym sessions for 24 hours after.

Once your spray tan has developed, you’ll be left looking more toned and healthy, and feeling amazing. Once the compliments start rolling in, you’ll wonder why you ever doubted the power of the man tan!

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