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Moisturise & Mosturise ...

In general a Sienna X Spray tan can last between 5-7 days and I do have some clients that have got to day 10 and still show signs of a tan. I believe that as long as you care for your skin with a daily routine of moisturings then you skin will be kind to your spray tan.

I personally have been using a Sienna X product of Radiance Body Balm, which I have found to be a great post tan moisturiser. My skin is becoming perfect for that all over tan and is soft and smooth which will add a glow about my skin. Radiance Body Balm also have colour enhancing which reflects the light giving a slight shimmer. This is the best bit .... 'contains Vitamin E to

Sienna X Radiance Body Balm & Polishing Body Scrub

protect your skin from premature ageing', this is now something that we are thinking about as who wants to have dull and dry skin especially as we age. Looking are best especially in the summer time is a priority for alot of ladies alike. Sienna X retail products also carry the fragrant coconut and sweet almond oil scent, making it a great easy to use any time moisturiser

So when you had your last spray tan do you remember your technician say to you to keep you skin/tan moisturised ... did you just nod and then wonder why after they had left? Well here is he reasoning behind it ....

When a spray tan or any type of sunless tanning is applied to your body, the product reacts with the skin cells on the uppermost surface of your skin (corneum) which causes the skin to change colour. As part of your bodys regeneration tanned skin cells will flake offer to be replaced by new skin cells, bringing your skin back to its natural colour, which is the process that takes 5 - 7 days. If you continue to moisturise whilst having a spray tan you can to an effect slow the regeneration of new skin cells down and this then makes your tan last longer. The moisturising process will also encourage an even fade which reduces the patchy and streaky look that some tanning products can leave on your skin. Whilst maintaining this tan you are also preparing your skin for your next tan.

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