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I've tried Sienna X High Intensity Tanning

Its arrived, and its just wonderful and my clients are loving it, plus I am too!

As quoted via the Sienna X website “just like the popular training phenomenon, high intensity interval training, the Sienna X range is designed for time-poor clients who want fast, effective results in the shortest time possible. No more waiting 8 hours to wash off the guide colour!” And it all true it does what it says on the tin.

Sienna X High Intensity Tanning is available as a professional spray tanning product as well as a retail 200ml self tanning product. Both are enriched with tan intensifiers that start working as soon as contact is made with your skin - but then having the advantage of an amazing developing time span..... at just 1 hour! As always non sticky and non greasy which is what I love along with all of my Sienna X clients. Again a flawless streak free colour is achieved in 1 hour.

Being able to take a shower 1 hour (yes just 1 hour!!!) after application is a break through for those clients that love the Sienna range but dislike having to leave the tan on to develop for up to 10 hours. After the rinsing off of the guide colour the tan leaves a natural glow which continues to deepen over the next 4 hours.

An Express Tan?

This collection has been developed so that spray tan therapists can deliver an even better service to clients – the solution is natural, and continues to give the amazing results that clients keep coming back for. The attraction now is even better with the fact they no longer have to wait for 8 hours+ to develop!

Sienna X developed and tested the product to bring a solution to the beauty market that would create a perfect balance of a product that would continue to nourish and care for the skin whilst speeding up the development time of the tan. They have also continued to use the same quality ingredients to give the same luxury flawless finish along with keeping the fantastic smell reminding me of holidays every time!


Spray-tanning is now one of the most asked for beauty treatments on the market today. We all know that having a tan makes us feel great, so the option to be able to have a choice of tanning times is great. The application process is exactly the same and the care during and after the tan is also the same …. It’s the having to wait to wash it off which is different …… With aloe vera, avocado extract, anti-oxidant Q10 and the signature Sienna X coconut fragrance, the new range offers fast, easy and efficient tanning with fantastic result which you can see in my picture.

As with any of the Sienna X range of spray tanning the guide colour for the High Intensity Tanning is a natural holiday glow maybe slightly darker which is what I achieved. If you do want to have a more intense colour I recommended using darker DHA to achieve your desired tan colouring, so this particular tan may not be suitable for everyone.

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