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Here Comes the 'Spray Tanned' Bride

Your wedding pictures are for a long time and the lead up to getting married can be one of the most stressful times of your life along with moving home. Organisation of the venue, food, bridesmaids, groomsmen, dresses, cake and more all have to be ticked off the list.

The biggest transformation is you - you will have your dress fittings planned along with hair makeup and nails but just as you have the planned those, you think 'arh' I need a tan too …. So a tan fitting is required to get the look right – you don’t want to be looking at your pictures in years to come and realise you may have got it wrong with your spray tan and gone alittle too dark.

Matching a spray tan to a persons skin tone has certainly evolved and more and more people are turning to a spray tanning or manual tanning products, it flawless, quick and so much safer for your skin, rather than using sun beds or relying on the sun (that we don't have much of in the UK!) and its harmful UV rays.

Wedding Day

As a tanning specialist I like to take time with my brides to get the look right for their important day and these are some of my points I go through on a consultation.

  1. When I meet a bride for the first time, I will find out about the style of the dress and how much of the brides skin will be showing. Also discussing hair, makeup, colours of the wedding just so I can get to know the bride alittle better.

  2. Asking about the rest of the bridal party too and her groom will also put my bride at ease, remembering that the skin tone of the groom also needs to be considered as you don't want a bride being really brown against her groom if that is not her natural look.

  3. For pale skin tones the slightest tan is going to look amazing but going too dark could also spoil the whole look. This is where having a trial spray tan helps with getting the look exactly right. All brides and grooms want to have a natural look, a deep colour with an ivory dress may not look so good unless you naturally have an olive skin tone.

  4. In order to judge if the spray tan colour is right it needs to be seen in natural day light when the guide colour has been washed off. Exfoliate as you would normally before a spray tan and have the spray tan that you have chosen to go with.

  5. Once the guide colour has been washed off, put an item of clothing on that is nearest the colour of your wedding outfit and go into the natural light and take a selfie or get someone to take a picture of you. Do the selfie/picture thing every day for the next 5 days and remember to label each picture with the day you took it.Why are you doing this …. This picture will then show the day when your tan looks good. I usually say around day 2/3 is when brides like their tan but this will also give you a better idea of how you will look.

  6. If you are having your makeup done it would be a good day to trial your makeup too on either day 2 or 3 so you get the overall look.

  7. Each day that you have a tan also sleep in a white t shirt (you can get them really cheap from the internet) to see the amount of wear on the tan so that you can see the marking that it would possibility make to your dress.

  8. My final point would be does your groom want a slight spray tan too .... and I will definately keep that a secret!!

If you would like to discuss your Sienna X spray tan for your wedding day, I would love to hear from you.

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