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Prolonging your Sienna X Spray Tan

After care is essential to the correct development of your spray tan.

Maintaining your spray tan vitally important if you want to make your tan last for longer. Keeping an even tan relies on a certain level of after care, but this will help you to prolong your spray tan and maintain a truer colour between applications.

After your spray tanning treatment we advise our clients to wear loosing fitting clothing. Anything that is tight like a waist band or wrist band can cause the colour to rub before it has had chance to develop, so remember have some loose clothing ready that your aren't worried about any tan stains too.

It will take up to eight to ten hours for your spray tan to fully develop, so try not to shower or bath before this time up. Taking lots of showers or spending time soaking in the bath can fade your tan, so keep your washing sessions as brief as possible if you want to maintain your tan for longer.

Vigorous exercise and swimming (Chlorine will fade your tan quicker) should also be avoided for at least the first 24 hours as this can affect the development of your spray tan and can prevent you from achieving the optimum depth of colour.

After your spray tan has developed completely and you have washed off the guide colour, pat yourself dry and try not rub the towel on your skin. Keep your skin supple with plenty of moisturisation. Generous moisturising will prevent your skin from drying out and will keep your tan looking incredible between treatments.

I have some wonderful after care Sienna X products that I can recommend.

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